NameNumber Shares%
Trevor Clancy400,88213.10%
Richard Stratford400,000 13.08%
Geveran Trading Co. Limited352,94111.54%
Eivind Hovig200,0006.54%
Algot Invest AS196,8696.44%
Norwegian Cancer Society184,5206.03%
Wibo Consulting AS173,4405.67%
Founders Fund163,9205.36%
Grotomol Solutions163,9205.36%
MP Pensjon PK58,8231.92%
CGS Holding AS58,8231.92%
Helene Sundt AS58,8231.92%
Daedalus AS47,8001.56%
Acme AS28,0110.92%
AS Bemacs26,4700.87%
Ses AS22,0580.72%
Bimo Kapital AS17,6470.58%
Jag Holding AS13,2350.43%
Capreca AS13,2350.43%
Kristian Falnes AS11,2500.37%
Morten Thorsen Holding AS9,0000.29%
Hausta Kapitalforvaltning AS (Norlink)8,8230.29%
Basen Kapital AS5,8820.19%
Jakob Iqbal2,9410.10%
Total3,059,002100.0 %
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