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17th February, 2022

NEC OncoImmunity publishes a unique HLA typing technology that discovers new HLA alleles, and tumor specific HLA alleles

The computational approach performs HLA typing from next generation sequencing data by using the current strengths of conventional HLA typing while simultaneously allowing for the discovery of novel HLA alleles and tumor-specific HLA variants, through leveraging proprietary mutation calling bioinformatics at NOI.

NOI collaborated with Ultimovacs ASA in the study to validate the HLA typing approach from the blood of numerous donors using deep targeted HLA sequencing. The validation confirmed almost 100% of HLA typing success at the 1st and 2nd fields of resolution. 

The approach was published in the peer review journal HLA where the first author Anzar and her colleagues also demonstrated how the approach led to the discovery of a new officially named HLA allele, from standard sequencing data routinely used in the design of personalized cancer vaccines. 

“This approach is an important development in the field of precision immunotherapy. It will help the HLA typing community to fill gaps in the global human HLA libraries, and help identify novel HLA variants in disease association studies in addition to improving the accuracy of HLA-typing for organ transplantation and vaccine design. We will now use this unique addition to our bioinformatics toolbox to further characterize the relationship between variation in HLA alleles and response to cancer immunotherapy.” Said, Dr. Trevor Clancy, Chief Scientific Officer at NEC OncoImmunity. 

Title: Personalized HLA typing leads to the discovery of novel HLA alleles and tumor-specific HLA variants

Authors: Irantzu Anzar, Angelina Sverchkova, Pubudu Samarakoon, Espen Basmo Ellingsen, Gustav Gaudernack, Richard Stratford and Trevor Clancy


About NEC OncoImmunity AS
NEC OncoImmunity AS  is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven biotech company offering proprietary machine-learning based software, which addresses the key knowledge gaps in the prediction of bona fide immunogenic antigens for personalized cancer immunotherapy and infectious disease vaccines. The AI technology can be used to identify optimal antigen/epitope targets for infectious disease vaccines, truly personalized cancer vaccines & Tcell therapies in a clinically actionable timeframe, and also facilitate effective patient selection for cancer immunotherapy. For more information, visit NEC OncoImmunity AS at

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